Holocaust Timeline

 1933 Adolph Hitler comes to power

Adolph Hitler was appointed as Germany's chancellor. He despised Jews and immediately enacted anti-Semitic measures.

1935 Nuremberg Laws

The Nuremberg Laws stripped Jews of their privileges, including their right to education, marriage, and commerce.

1939 Polish Jews cast out

Half of Poland was seized by the Germans. They forcibly expelled Polish Jews from their homes in 1939.

1939 The ghettos

To accommodate the Jews who had been removed from their homes, massive Jewish ghettos were built. Warsaw was one of the most well-known ghettos.

1940 Hitler invades surrounding countries

After establishing his authority, Hitler started invading and conquering neighboring nations.

1940 The death of those with disabilities

Hitler advocated for the execution of individuals who were deemed to be disabled. Poisonous gasses were employed by the Nazis.

September 1941 The Jewish Star

All Jews in German territory were required to wear a yellow star, according to the German authorities. This informed everyone that they were Jews with no rights.

1941 The concentration camps

Hitler ordered the transfer of thousands of Jews to extermination camps in late 1941. These were referred to as "labor camps."

1941 Into hiding

Many Jews fled the nation or went into hiding when they learned their lives were in grave danger.

1942 Mass killings begin

The Nazis started murdering Jews in huge gas chambers once they were in the labor camps.

1944  Work camps evacuated

When the Nazis recognized they were losing the war, they started to evacuate the concentration camps. In what became known as the "death marches," they marched their captives to several sites.

April 1945 Hitler's death

Hitler committed himself as it became apparent that he would not be able to win the war.

May 1945   Germans surrender

Only a week after Adolph Hitler's death, the German army surrendered.

1945 The Nuremberg Trials (1945-1946)

The Nuremberg Trials were conducted to bring the perpetrators of the Holocaust to justice.

1948   Israel

When the war ended, there was nowhere for the Jews to go. Israel was founded with the assistance of the Allies.




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