Texas Revolution Timeline

 April 6, 1830 The Mexican government bans American immigration to Texas.

Anastasio Bustamante, concerned about Americans wielding too much power over Texans, prohibits any additional Americans from entering the state. However, immigration from America continued, and by 1836, there were approximately 35,000 Americans residing in the country.

1833 The Mexican government rejects the Texas Constitution.

Dissatisfied with Mexican authority, Texans compile a list of demands for the Mexican administration. The government opposes such reforms, including Texans' effort to write their own constitution.

October 2, 1835 The first shots of the revolution are fired.

Mexican troops were sent to Gonzales, Texas, to retrieve a cannon intended to deter Indian assaults. The Texas revolution began when Texans refused to allow the troops enter town and opened fire on them.

October 9, 1835 Texas wins the Battle of Goliad.

At Presidio La Bahia near Goliad, Texas settlers assault Mexican troops. The Texans win the fight and force the troops to flee, enabling them to seize food and supplies worth thousands of dollars.

October 28, 1835 Texans win the Battle of Concepcion.

The Texas army marches into San Antonio to face Mexican troops in the first major military engagement of the state's struggle for independence. Although the Texans are outmanned 5 to 1, they are right in their assessment that the Mexican Army is poorly trained and unprepared to battle.

December 11, 1835 Texans win the Siege of Bexar and capture San Antonio.

The Texas army assaults Mexican soldiers at Bexar, which is now known as San Antonio, despite being outmanned 2 to 1. The majority of the Texas army returns home after this fight since Texans now control almost all of Texas.

March 1, 1836 Texans declare independence from Mexico.

Texans draft a declaration of independence and the Republic of Texas Constitution in the Convention of 1836. The military of Texas is commanded by Sam Houston.

March 6, 1836 Texans lose the Battle of the Alamo.

Mexican troops murder all 189 Texans attempting to defend the Alamo Mission in San Antonio after a 13-day siege. Many Texans and Americans join the Texas army to oppose Mexico because of the troops' brutality.

March 27, 1836 Texans rally for independence after the Goliad Massacre.

Mexican General Santa Anna orders the execution of 400 Texans who surrendered during the Battle of Goliad. The murders made angry Texans unite even more for their independence.

April 21, 1836 Texans win the Battle of San Jacinto and their independence.

The Texas army, led by Sam Houston, defeats Santa Anna's soldiers in the Battle of Jacinto. The victory is crucial for Texas to achieve its goal of gaining independence from Mexico.

May 14, 1836 The Treaties of Velasco are signed, officially giving Texas its independence.

The Velasco Treaties, signed by the Republic of Texas and General Santa Anna, put an end to the conflict. The Mexican government, on the other hand, claims that Santa Anna lacks the authority to sign treaties and that he never agrees to them.

October 22, 1836 Sam Houston is named President of the Republic of Texas.

After Texas gains independence from Mexico, Virginia native Sam Houston becomes the state's first president. He will also be the third president, and when Texas enters the US, he will become the governor of the state.

December 29, 1845 Texas becomes part of the United States.

Texas is annexed by the United States, making it the country's 28th state. It is the only state in the Union that existed as a separate country prior to becoming a state.

April 25, 1846 The Mexican-American War begins.

In a stretch of territory between the Rio Grande and the Nueces River that both countries claim, Mexican forces assault US troops. This marks the start of the Mexican-American War, which would conclude with Mexico's defeat and the United States seizing almost 500,000 square kilometers of Mexican territory.

February 2, 1848 The Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo ends the Mexican-American War.

After the United States defeats Mexico in the Mexican-American War, Mexico acknowledges Texas as a free and independent state inside the United States.


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