Revolutionary War Timeline

 1765 Great Britain passed the Stamp Act.

The Stamp Act imposed a levy on everything from papers to playing cards on the colonists. This did not sit well with the colonists.

1767 The British imposed the Townshend duties.

Townshend duties required American colonists to pay taxes on tea, paint, and a variety of other items. The colonists were enraged by the additional, unjust levies.

1770 A fight between British troops and colonists broke out.

The colonists were fed up with being taxed and harassed unjustly. They made the decision to fight back.

1774 The Coercive Acts came into play.

The colonists dubbed these laws the Intolerable Acts. The British enacted these regulations in order to force the colonists to comply.

April 15, 1775 The Revolutionary War began.

The war's initial shots were fired in Massachusetts. Thousands of people volunteered to assist the Continental Army.

June 17, 1775 The Battle of Bunker Hill took place.

Although the colonists, known as Patriots, lost the battle, they put up a valiant fight. It demonstrated to the British soldiers that they were serious about their mission.

June 27, 1776 South Carolina held their ground.

South Carolina was attacked by British Navy forces, but the Patriots maintained their position and won the fight.

July 04, 1776 America declared Independence.

The Declaration of Independence was signed, proclaiming the independence of the United States of America.

January 1777 George Washington emerged a victor.

On Christmas Eve, Washington surprised British soldiers by bringing his men into New Jersey. The victory was claimed by Washington's troops.

December 1777 Valley Forge.

Valley Forge was a harsh winter for George Washington's soldiers. The weather was very cold, and there was little food, yet the troops persevered.

February 1778 France allied with America.

Following numerous American wins against the British, France chose to support the Americans. The Americans were considerably stronger as a result of their assistance.

1780 Charleston fell to the British.

When it became apparent that the Patriots had a stronghold in the northern regions, the British chose to concentrate their efforts in the south. They conquered Charleston, a bastion of the Patriots.

1781 British defeated at Yorktown.

American and French soldiers beat a huge British army.

1782 British loyalist left the country.

When it became apparent that the Patriots would win the war, many loyalist colonists chose to flee the country. Many of them crossed the border into Canada.

1783 The war ended.

The Treaty of Paris was signed, bringing the war to a close.





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